History of Cricket at Sylhet

In Indian Subcontinent the first ever Cricket Match was played in Sylhet

The game of cricket was introduced in India in the middle of the 18th century. On 3rd March 1845 the ‘Sporting Intelligence’ magazine of England carried a reasonably lengthy match report between ‘Sepoy’ cricketers and the European ones. The article clearly proved that Indian cricket was underway in a city called Sylhet, in modern day Bangladesh.

An impressed reporter proudly stated “the most enthusiastic European Cricketers could not have played with more energy and cheerfulness than the Sepoys did”. However, chronicles of cricket unanimously suggest that the formation of ‘Parsi Oriental Cricket Club’ in Bombay in the year 1848 led to the start of organized cricket by the Indians.


Info bits:

Sylhet District Stadium Was Built in the Year 1965. This is a recognized stadium in the World Stadium’s Website. Now the stadium having flood light and indoor cricket facilities is being used for the domestic and first class cricket matches.

The game of cricket had started officially in the year 1963 in Sylhet when the district sports association was formed. Later on it had started in all other districts of Sylhet.

Sylhet cricket league is one of the most entertaining and competitive cricket tournament of the country.

Sylhet district cricket team has started participating in the first class cricket from the year 2001.

Sylhet is also regularly participating in the national championship since the beginning of the tournament after the liberation war of 1971.

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